NRB Working Paper
• NRB-WP-25-December 2014; Financial Development and Economic Growth in Nepal--Bishnu Prasad Gautam Ph.D.  478 kb
• NRB-WP-24-October 2014;Empirical Examination of Determinants of Stock Index in Nepal--Prakash Kumar Shrestha, PhD and Biggyan Raj Subedi  316 kb
• NRB-WP-23-June 2014;Structural Changes in a Small and Open Economy Evidences from Nepal--Guna Raj Bhatta 2 mb
• NRB-WP-22-June 2014;Impact of Bank Credit on Economic Growth in Nepal--Neelam Timsina 583 kb
• NRB-WP-21-January 2014;Foreign Trade Pattern of Nepal Gravity Model Approach--Laxmi Prasad Prasai 259 kb
• NRB-WP-20--December 2013;The Economic Cost of General Strikes in Nepal--Min Bahadur Shrestha, Ph.D. and Shashi Kant Chaudhary 344 kb
• NRB-WP-19--October 2013;Indo Nepal Trade Relation The Phenomenon of Black Hole Effect--Mahesh K. Chaulagai, Ph.D. 214 kb
• NRB-WP-18--October 2013;A-Revisit of the East Asian Development Experiences in the Context of South Asia--Prakash Kumar Shrestha, Ph.D. 454 kb
• NRB-WP-17--June 2013;The Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy in Nepal Evidence from Bank Level Data--Birendra Bahadur Budha 587 kb
• NRB-WP-16--June 2013;Time-varying Parameters of Inflation Model in Nepal State Space Modeling--T.P.Koirala, PhD 351 kb
• NRB-WP-15--May 2013;Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Growth in Nepal--Shankar Prasad Acharya, PhD and Guna Raj Bhatta 444 kb
• NRB-WP-14--January 2013;Remittance and Trade Deficit Nexus in Nepal A VECM Approach --Guna Raj Bhatta 271 kb
• NRB-WP-13--November 2012;A Panel Data Analysis of Foreign Trade Determinants of Nepal Gravity Model Approach--Subash Acharya 464 kb
• NRB-WP-12--October 2012;Demand for Money in Nepal An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach--Birendra Bahadur Budha 644 kb
• NRB-WP-11--July 2012;Inflation Persistence in Nepal A TAR Representation--T. P. Koirala, PhD 478 kb
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